New Sense About Science publications

The campaigning group Sense About Science continues to impress. They have recently announced three resources to promote understanding of scientific issues.

  • Why Evidence-Based Medicine Matters: scientific medicine is traditionally sold to the public on dry statistics, while the alternatives are promoted with testimonials that may be powerful despite being useless as evidence. This site redresses the balance by collecting personal stories of the benefits of evidence-based medicine.
  • Peer Review Education Resource: a set of resources for teachers about this crucial part of the scientific process. This is a crucial part of critical thinking, and we need ordinary citizens to grasp it to understand topics such as global warming. It’s amazing that I wasn’t taught about peer review at school.
  • Making Sense of Radiation: The word “radiation” has such a negative connotation for most people, and it surprises them to learn that light is radiation. The media feed into this with scaremongering such as the Panorama documentary which promoted baseless fears about wi-fi. Sense About Science had qualified scientists look into the misconceptions and as always they’ve created an admirably clear, understandable leaflet for the public.
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