Helping Simon Singh

I wasn’t at the London meeting last night, but here is the New Scientist write-up about Simon Singh’s libel case with the British Chiropractic Association (previously featured). It seems that this case is capturing the mood of the nation’s skeptics to an unexpected extent, just as the Atheist Bus campaign and Godless People events succeeded beyond their wildest expectations (though I’m not saying that skeptic is the same as atheist).

ASKE colleagues have asked how to support Singh at a time when he might be about to launch a very expensive appeal.

One thing you can do to help Singh is to buy his book “Trick or Treatment: Alternative Medicine on Trial” (co-authored with Prof. Edzard Ernst), or if you have it already, give it some publicity. I’ve had it for a while and honestly only dipped into it so far, but it seems definitive and a large chunk of it deals with chiropractic. The end section is a set of very short assessments of the evidence relating to each of a long list of alternative practices: extremely helpful material for any skeptic.

It doesn’t help Singh’s legal case as directly as a cash donation, but it gets him some cash, raises the profile of the central arguments this case is about and adds a useful resource to your bookshelf. Reviewing or recommending the book on Amazon is a good idea as well: as expected, there are some alt-med supporters giving it one star reviews to bring its rating down, without really addressing the book’s content.

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