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Christian Fundamentalists on Hurricane Katrina

Depressing, but worth noting. Just as there were evangelicals who thought the 9/11 attacks were sent by God, so there are now pastors thanking God for destroying the Gay Pride marches, the abortion clinics and the bare-breasted revellers in New Orleans.

“New Orleans was a city that had its doors wide open to the public celebration of sin”

“God may have used the hurricane to purge wickedness from the city”


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Deunant Books: Father Neil Horan

Sports fans will be familiar with the name of Neil Horan, who disrupted a Grand Prix race at Silverstone by running onto the track and dancing in front of the cars, apparently only realising afterward that he could have caused a massively fatal pile-up. This weekend he disrupted the final event of the Athens Olympics by grabbing the lead marathon runner and pushing him into the crowd. These stunts are meant to draw attention to Horan’s interpretations of Biblical prophecy, as revealed in his e-books. The publisher’s page for the books admits that the end-times events that Horan has predicted to happen by now have not come about. That’s not a flaw of the books, though. Oh no.

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