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Good Practice in Writing

This post is aimed at people who write as part of their jobs; newsletters, reports, articles or blog posts, for example. Though not part of this blog’s usual mission, I think it deserves a public airing. It was co-authored for a private forum with colleagues at the Higher Education Academy.

What are the dangers of neglecting good practice?

  • Wrong tribe. Some academic audiences are turned off by the languages of business or of educational research. They want to be spoken to in their own tribe’s language.
  • Wrong tone. A piece of advice is taken as an order. A quick to-the-point message is taken as impolite.
  • Too long. Readers decide it’s not worth the effort.
  • Point not clear. Readers don’t complete the message because the title and first sentence don’t establish a relevance to them.
  • Too idiomatic. International readers may have difficulty unless the language is simplified.

What specific actions improve your text?

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