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Scriptural Violence Can Foster Aggression

Lots of people are concerned at the effect screen violence has on viewers: does it make them aggressive in real life? Well, what about violence in the Bible, specifically violence sanctioned by the ultimate moral authority, God? The National Secular Society points to a controlled study in Psychological Science, finding that Scriptural Violence Can Foster Aggression, Especially In Believers.

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Christian Fundamentalists on Hurricane Katrina

Depressing, but worth noting. Just as there were evangelicals who thought the 9/11 attacks were sent by God, so there are now pastors thanking God for destroying the Gay Pride marches, the abortion clinics and the bare-breasted revellers in New Orleans.

“New Orleans was a city that had its doors wide open to the public celebration of sin”

“God may have used the hurricane to purge wickedness from the city”


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