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Book Review: The Halo Effect

The Halo Effect: How managers let themselves be deceived by Phil Rosenzweig. ISBN: 978-1-84739-336-4

Business academic Rosenzweig has written a definitive book about critical thinking in the context of business success. A lot of people claim to understand why businesses succeed or fail, whether in journalism such as Fortune magazine, in bestselling books such as In Search of Excellence or in academia. With admirable clarity, Rosenzweig sets out the scientific failings of these, boiling down the errors to a list of nine “delusions” which infect even some of the most prestigious business research.
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Cognitive Daily

A delight for a psychology enthusiast; nearly every day, this site features a new, easy to understand summary of a peer-reviewed psychological study and its relevance for wider life. Recent entries deal with how we make predictions of the plot of a film, for example.

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